Histopathological pathogenesis of gastric adenocarcinoma in comparison with breast cancer


  • Seyed Amin Norollahi Department of Biology, Islamic Azad University of Damghan, Damghan, Iran


Histopathogical pathogenesis, Gastric adenocarcinoma, Breast cancer


There are numerous serious varieties of cancer that are extremely difficult to treat. As a result, understanding the origins of cancer, as well as the practical application of cancer in terms of its role of diagnosis and therapy. Detecting Gastric cancer early and correctly diagnosing it histopathologically increases the odds of an effective treatment.  Histopathological expertise can help speed up and simplify oncological examinations in this method. According to their various natures, breast and gastric cancers have different tissues and rates. Gastric cancer is still one of the most lethal cancers with a dismal prognosis. New gastric cancer classification based on histologic characteristics, genotypes, and molecular phenotypes aids in better understanding the peculiarities of each subtype and improves early detection, prevention, and treatment. The goal of this essay is to go over the new gastric and breast cancer classifications so that they can be used in management and therapy.




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