Inflammatory cytokines as diagnostic biomarkers in esophagus cancer


  • Agheel Tabar Molla Hassan Department of Cell and Molecular Biology, Babol Branch, Islamic Azad University, Babol, Iran


Inflammatory cytokines, Diagnostic biomarkers, Esophagus cancer, Mechanism


One of the most important types of proteins related to inflammation is cytokines which are considered as potential biomarkers of esophageal cancer. In this way, these biomarkers, near imaging techniques, may be practical in diagnosis and monitoring therapy in the treatment of many malignancies like esophagus cancer.  Remarkably, in this article, the importance of cytokines is demonstrated in order to declare it’s practical applications on the dysregulation of cytokines in esophagus cancer and their clinical and pathological implications in diagnosis and also therapy. It is confirmed that twenty-two cytokines are illustrating abnormal levels in patients with esophagus cancer. Correspondingly, MIF is related to regulation growth processes, and IL-1β, IL-6, and IL-8 are related directly to regulation in the transcription process. IL-1β and IL-6 stimulate the production of proinflammatory cytokines. Further research is essential to establish the biological significance of cytokines in esophageal cancer, their potential for early diagnosis, pre-and postoperative prognosis, and monitoring the response to chemotherapy and radiotherapy in cancer patients.



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